Award-Winning Filmmaker  •  Photographer  •  Designer  •  On-Camera Talent

If you are here because you need a kick-ass commercial, a top-notch marketing video, a fundraising film to raise millions for your organization, a TV show or feature film that you've always dreamed of making, or some ridiculously beautiful, professional photos for your to put in a magazine or on your brand's website, then you've come to the right place!


My name is David Seth Cohen. As far back as I can remember (really far back), I always loved being creative and entertaining people. (You better already be entertained!) That's why becoming a filmmaker, branded content creator, photographer, and actor was the only career path for me to take.


With over 20 years of experience (I know, I look younger than I am. It's both a blessing and a curse!), my proven track record of conceiving, producing, photographing, and editing award-winning film and video projects, as well as taking pictures that have been published around the world, speaks volumes.


When you hire me, not only do you get the passion I bring toward every project, you get peace of mind knowing that I have the skills and tools to bring any story to life (and can create one if you don't have one yet!), and most importantly, to "WOW" an audience!


So let's set up a time to discuss your needs, so we can take the first step in creating some amazing content together!