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Image by Thomas William

Meet David Seth Cohen, a seasoned creative professional with an unwavering passion for storytelling, infusing every project he undertakes with heart and expertise.

As the visionary force behind Precision Pictures LTD and Legitimate Rascal Films Inc., David's two-decade-plus creative journey has been a global adventure. His portfolio includes award-winning feature films, TV shows, and uniquely crafted branded content, with each project tailored to the specific needs of individuals, organizations, and nonprofits across multiple continents. His work has played a pivotal role in helping these entities achieve remarkable financial success while raising millions for charitable causes and leaving a lasting impact on both audiences and those in need.

Beyond the realm of moving images, David has garnered international attention for his photography work, gracing the pages of websites, newspapers, and magazines from the US to Africa.

But David's passion isn't confined to the professional world. When he's not working, his days revolve around his adorable one-year-old son, Cai, and his loving wife, Hilary, whom he enjoys capturing in candid shots, even if it occasionally leads to playful protests. Additionally, he crafts daily Instagram videos featuring Cai, spreading joy and laughter to friends and followers.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Hire DSC today, and let's turn your ideas into reality.

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